SkypeWe love Skype here at JustEngage.  So, let me share with you some ways that you may be able  use Skype for quick collaborations and improved workflows in your firm and practice.  Here’s what you need to know and why we love it:

So, you ‘ve heard about it, but really have no clue how it would benefit you. What the heck is Skype?  In it’s simplistic form, it’s a virtual way to connect and chat online with anyone who has a Skype account via your computer, smartphone/ iPad2 or your TV.

  • Skype is FREE (well for the most part unless you are going manage it on the enterprise for your business).
  • Skype is simple and quick to use and doesn’t require a big learning curve.
  • Need to set up a conference call? Skype can help you and let see who you’re talking to.
  • Need to share your computer screen?  Skype allows you to share your screen when using a video call.

That being bulleted, lets’ walk through the basic steps to get started. First, you will need to download Skype onto your computer or device.  There are Skype apps available for most smartphones AND your iPad 2.

  1. Set up your Skype Public and Contacts Only Profiles and be sure to add your PICTURE. Your Skype name can be your first and last name: nataliehuha or natalie.huha – it must be unique.
  2. Add a contact.  You can search for other Skype contacts by entering their email, phone number, full name or most easily, their Skype Name.
  3. Edit your Skype Options which can be found under Tools/Options. Review and set ALL of them including your Privacy settings. Click Save when finished.
  4. Click on a Contact and select Video Call, Call or Share to share a file or another contact.
  5. Chat, text or share your Desktop. Viola, you’re Skyping!

Here are some ideas for Skype use:

  • You are on different floors in your office and one of the members on your matter is out of the office.  You need a quick conference call – so you Skype it.
  • You need to collaborate on a document quickly with your team members and don’t have a projector or desktop sharing application. Launch a Video Skype call and Share your Desktop with everyone on the call.
  • Need a quick chat without cluttering up your Inbox? Launch an Instant Message session with a Contact. It’s viewable f0r up to 3 months!
  • “Group” your Skype contacts together for those on a particular case or matter. Click Video Call to call everyone in the Group at once.

 No matter where you are: Court, Hotel, On the Road, anywhere BUT your Office, you can launch Skype and dial a Contact for a quick video call/conference call. You may still have the four walls, but you can be truly virtual.

So, that is what we at JustEngage LOVE about Skype.  As a side note, there are other video chat tools available too. I have also tried ooVoo which is also free and seems to work well.

How do you use Skype? What features do you like in Skype that you would add to this list? What other video tools would you add?