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The “Un-Official” Bio on Kerry BollKerry Boll

Ok. Most of you know me – my name is spelled Boll but pronounced like “ball”. Now, most of my Philly friends call me curry but my name is actually pronounced K”air”ie. I am a ham at heart – I’m all about theater. I guess that could be because I have a theater minor along with my marketing & public relations degrees. Of course it could also be about my youth – a lot of entertaining. I was General Tom Thumb in Barnum, Cornelius Hackle in Hello Dolly, Joseph in Joseph and The Amazing Dreamcoat, yes – even the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. Here’s a tid bit – I actually worked for cruise ships when I got out of college. Yes – I had the Love Boat Syndrome – it was an excuse not to get a real job.  This ranks as one of the most awesome things that I’ve done in my life starting JustEngage.

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The “Official” Fluff

Kerry Scott Boll has been in the legal community for over 20 years and is most known for his role in developing and marketing a fully hosted desktop cloud computing solution well before its time. President of JustEngage, Inc., Kerry’s expertise is in helping law firms and businesses with their overall business development strategies.  Kerry has been seen recently speaking to ILTA, ALA, ARMA, Philadelphia Bar Association, Montgomery Bar Association & Rotary International.

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JustEngage is located at 559 Heatons Mill Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047



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