Social Media Budget Considerations for Law Firms

Every managing partner, executive director, chief marketing officer and administrator of a law firm need to be thinking about one thing this fall  – what am I going to budget for to bring my business development practices up to par in 2012?  Here are a few considerations to think about.

  1.  Social Media Evaluation.  Look at every aspect of the firm’s business development practice to determine your competitive landscape, communication habits, consistencies and best practices.  There are consultants who can perform a detailed assessment and can help direct the energies in the proper direction.
  2. Social Media Strategy.  Formulate based on the definition of your goals, develop a solid business development plan, create timelines and implement.  So many times we say, “should’ve and could’ve” but as the leader in your firm, it’s your job to execute.
  3. Social Media Training.  Refine your current practices by educating all parties who are involved in social media and business development – especially those responsible.  How often have your evaluated a person’s performance and realized that if that person would haven known what to do, they probably would have done it!
  4. Policy Development.  Remember that all practice areas are not created equal.  So create compliance, protect the firm and your employees, share in understanding, lessen the exposure(s) and keep your Brand safe.  On guard or is it touché?
  5. Blog Site/Website.  Is it time for a makeover on your website?  Is the information static?  Where’s the blog site you said you were going to launch last year?
  6. LinkedIn/Twitter Design.  Are your profiles consistent, worded properly for the web, compliant, follows your branding efforts and is executed?
  7. Social Media Administration/Staffing.  Get it done.  If you can’t hire professionals.
  8. Social Media Monitoring.  Evaluate, listen and learn.

The time is now – especially for an evaluation of your performance in 2011.  For more information, you can always find your favorite legal specific social media friends right around the corner.  Keep your firm at the level your clients deserve.

Clients Hire Experts Not Firms

William Shakespeare wrote for Juliet’s character in Romeo & Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Yes it would. It would still smell sweet — but would it be considered the beauty and prize flower among all others in its classification? A name carries the characteristics, the description, the association of the item, but more importantly it carries the brand. (more…)

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