Part 4: Software and Using a Hashtag for a Tweetchat

In the last and final post of our series, we discuss what software is helpful when trying to filter a particular hashtag to have a conversation on Twitter (aka a tweetchat). If you missed the previous posts, you can read and watch the videos here: Part 1: Using a Hashtag, Part 2: How to Know When to Use a Hashtag, and Part 3: Trending Topics and Thought Leadership with Hashtags.

For those of you new to Twitter in the legal community, we have a #legalchat on Twitter starting July 22 at 11:00 am ET to discuss all things legal.  Please feel free to post your ideas for topics on #legalchat here.  New to tweetchats? See how to participate or listen in on them here.

Part 3: Trending Topics and Thought Leadership with Hashtags

In this post, we talk about hashtags as trending topics, and how to broaden your influence across the web and increase your network. It’s about building relationships and trust with those you influence and who influence you. We also give a special tip about what to do if you can’t find a hashtag you are looking for!

What trending topics in legal have you found to influence you? What hashtags have you used to increase your network and broaden your influence?

Part 2: Using Hashtags in Tweets

In part one of our four-part series on the use of hashtags in legal, Samantha and I discuss, what is a hashtag? In part two of our series, we talk about how do you know when to use a hashtag in tweets.  We discuss where to put hashtags in your tweets (secret tip – there’s no wrong place to put them!)

We also discuss the use of hashtags for conferences and events.  So, join us in our discussion! What legal conferences and events have you attended that use hashtags? What are your favorite hashtags?

Part 1: What are Hashtags?

One of the first things you will see on Twitter or other social media channels is the # symbol in front of a word that has been added to a post, tweet or activity update.  These little # signs aka ‘hashtags’ are very very powerful. Hashtags have become the new way to find information on the social channels (and even now on the web!)  

If you’re like most people, when you sign up to Twitter and start to read ‘tweets’ you see a whole bunch of tweets that incorporate these little symbols aka hashtags.  It can be perplexing at first, but once you understand them, you can quickly weed out any irrelevant information and find content that targets and is valuable to your interests.  My friend and colleague, Samantha Collier and I have a put together a four part discussion on ”hashtags’ for our audience.

Please see our below video discussion and let us know what hashtags you find valuable and any tips to share!

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