10 Key Ingredients to Help Make a Successful Social Media Dessert

Falls approaching, kids are going back to school, Labor Day has come and gone and it’s time to get your partners and associates motivated to find a recipe for success that will bring value to the fourth quarter numbers.  Have you taken the time this summer to do your due diligence and find a social media recipe for success?

We all love a fresh blueberry or apple pie when the fruit is in season.  But as you know, there is a lot of planning, cultivating, directing, watching and listening to pulling off Auntie Ruthie’s famous family pie that’s enjoyed by everyone who ever gets the chance to get a forkful taste.  A successful social media plan is very similar from the basic components. (more…)

The Possible Acquisition of Autonomy by HP.

Wow — $11.5 Billion!  I was really impressed to hear that UK based Autonomy is in the evaluation process of being acquired by HP.  I wonder what kind of new incentives this can drum up in the legal community?

Autonomy has been known as the largest of the three most popular document management software companies in the legal marketplace.  But it has grown particularly in its offerings in the past years in the eDiscovery and enterprise content management platforms.  Let’s not forget its introduction to Matter Centricity – which many firms transformed their networks to in recent years.

And then through the grapevine, we hear that HP is actually interested in getting out of the hardware business with this acquisition and becoming a full fledged service oriented model.  This is a big step for HP – especially now because they will have to re-brand themselves for being the experts in customer service and boast qualifications that already exist for its competitors – IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

HP also announced that it was going to cease the existence of its webOS mobile operating system.  They spent a great deal of money and time promoting.  This is only after spending $1.2 billion when acquiring Palm announcing very aggressive hardware plans centered on Palm’s webOS.

So will they turn to social media to brand their new offerings if the acquisition goes through?  What will happen to the competition such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony and Apple in their hardware offerings?

It’s an exciting time in a difficult economy.  Administrators – pay attention to what will happen to your most valued software investment.

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