Hats Off to a Totally Awesome Administrator

We are proud to recognize someone that is very special to many people who touch the Association of Legal Administrators’ (ALA) Community locally and nationally.  John Kirk, Director of Administration of Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox LLP (MGKF)  was given the highest honor – “The Spirit of ALA Award” presented to him at the conference on May 24th.  And in the spirit of this rare occasion, the Philadelphia chapter is toasting his achievement of “leadership, commitment, tenacity and dedication” as defined by the ALA award next month at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

As a 24 year supporter of ALA, John has held positions on committees including the Annual Conference Committee, one as Chair, the Certification Task Force and the Business Partner Relations Committee.

John is a huge supporter of all the vendors who support ALA and promotes the belief that vendors are more than suppliers of services – they are partners through and through.  He is the first to reach out to you when you need assistance and most supportive of making sure you succeed.

John S. Kirk is a Certified Legal Manager and has worked in the legal industry for over 25 years, first in litigation support consulting, and later in law firm management and administration. Before joining MGKF, John was the Director of Finance and Administration for Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple, P.C., a law firm in Massachusetts.

Hats off to you John – you make us proud to be a partner and a friend, we love your down to earth ability of being humble and for especially making every vendor feel equally important to the ALA Community.  Bravo!

FUD Got You Down?

JustEngage FUDIn the sales world they call it “FUD”—Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.  Let’s check Wikipedia.  FUD “is generally a strategic attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative and dubious/false information designed to undermine the credibility of their beliefs.”

I used to work with someone that believed the more confused you got your client with an unknown, the more likely they would trust your knowledge and ultimately buy your service.  Why?  Because most times when we fear something we don’t know, we end up placing trust in someone else who we believe is more knowledgeable.  We look for thought leaders.  We find experts.  So when you encounter a salesperson using FUD on you, get rid of that person and look to another with the same service that treats you to education.  Sharing is what it’s about today.  So go ahead and zap that word FUD into Wiki archives!

There is no secret in the pudding.  Share your knowledge and educate your peers.  Make yourself the expert in everyone’s eyes.  Use social media to make your message known.  No matter what you do for a living, find the time to share.  Create a blog post that you think is relevant to your client.  Tweet an article that you think others would love to read.  Reach out to everyone you know and have them reach out to everyone they know.  Make it a habit to do so each and every time you know something another person will benefit from your new find.  This is how YOU become the expert.

But most importantly, if you don’t understand how to use the social media channels to communicate, do something about it.  Educate yourself and don’t listen to the FUD!  Try Twitter and discover how to weed out the noise.  Try LinkedIn by not only completing your profile, but joining groups, joining your college alumni association and what you’ll find is the people you didn’t even know that are like you listening to you.  Create a video and post it on YouTube telling your prospects something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

When you don’t know how to do something, Google it and learn!  There is no reason for confusion anymore.  FUD sounds exactly where it belongs – in the trash!

Zite is Out of Sight!

Have you tried the new application ZITE on your iPad?  Go to Apple’s App Store on your device and download this incredible application for free.  Currently, it’s one of my favorite applications.

Why?  Because it’s a personalized magazine application that will learn what you like and continue to deliver material that is of interest to you.  It can sync with your Twitter or Google Reader account or on its own.

And SO easy to get started.  Once you open up the application for the first time, it will prompt you through what sections you are interested in keeping up to speed reading.  Do you have a culinary interest?  Then you would simply click on the Food & Cooking section and it will appear when you launch your application on the section tab to the right.

Above is a sample of a Top Stories page which is the original page that you land on when entering the application.  The more you use it and read in the sections that you are most interested, the closer integrated the Top Stories page becomes to you.

It’s fun to share as well.  When reading an article, you can simply click on any of the sharing options such as Twitter and Facebook or choose the email icon to send the article link to your favorite information junkie.

If you’re like me and Natalie, we love the Social Media section.  Check it out and learn more news about your field of expertise!

Does Your Business Development Strategy Include Social Media? It Should.

“We have partners and senior management that, well, quite frankly aren’t necessarily going to see the benefit of social media.” That’s the response many administrators, senior partners and business professionals are facing right at this moment. They say, “Well, we are ‘kind of’ dabbling in it, we have one area that has a blog and oh, we have one or two people that are ‘doing’ social media.” The short response: “That’s not good enough!”


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