A ‘Social Legal’ World – Part 2 of 5 Discussion

This post originally appeared on the LegalITProfessionals.com, where Natalie Huha, regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in the legal industry.

In part 2 of the video interview with Lindsay, we discuss the benefits to jumping on board with social media for smaller firms vs. larger firms. We have found that regardless of firm size however, that many of the issues firms face with generations and communications are the same. It really boils down to having an overall strategy. Here are some of my thoughts on creating a social media strategy for firms as a whole and as an individual attorney:


  1. Align your social media strategy with the overall succession plan and goals of the firm. Be a thought leader in your firm brand and your practices.
  2. Create a policy (may want to call them guidelines) for attorneys and staff and have the policy clearly visible and findable.
  3. Clearly communicate and educate those goals and policy guidelines to your attorneys and staff.
  4. Get a champion or focus group to share success stories.
  5. Set realistic timelines for implementation.

Individual Attorneys

  1. YOU are your brand first and foremost.
  2. Showcase your expertise via a social channel that you enjoy: blogging, tweeting, updating on LinkedIn or Facebook. (AND one that your audience will most likely navigate.)
  3. Create a content schedule in the beginning to help you get started. You set the expectations for your audience.
  4. Listen. Listen. Listen. Don’t just talk.
  5. Reply, comment, share. This builds the relationship, trust and demonstrates your expertise.

What else would you add to these lists? Please feel free to join our discussion and comment on “Do you think there is more benefit to jumping on board with social media for smaller firms than larger firms?”

Discussion about Legal Social Media with Gina Schrek

Gina Schrek is one of my connections on Twitter – she goes by @GinaSchrek and talks about general technology and social media (and is so much fun!)  In my conversation with Gina, I talk about some of the thoughts, questions and issues on the legal industry’s mind regarding social media. Check it out if you have a moment.

WARNING: Entire video is about 55 minutes – legal specific discussion happens for the first 20 minutes!

 SchreckTeck 9: Gina gets Legal with Natalie Huha! from RELATECORP on Vimeo.

Natalie talks about the legal aspects of social media. Gina shares her experience in Mexico, a gadget bag from BuildNY and more!

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