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Wow.  That’s Cool!  What is it?

When you see this graphic, do you know what it is and what to do with it?   This is called a QR Code (short for Quick Response Code).  A QR code is a two-dimensional matrix bar code readable by bar code and scanner devices as well as smart phones equipped with cameras.

Think “out of the box” how you can use these codes for your company.  There are all kinds of neat marketing things you could use this for – business cards, marketing materials and brochures, website urls, Google searches and even trade shows.

It would be nice to tell your environmental client that you are practicing and promoting your company in a green fashion and that you are helping save a forest.  Instead of handing a folder of materials to a client, have them scan a code on a simple brochure and review your materials at their convenience – sitting in front of their home office computer or mobile device. 

Here are some QR programs for your smart phone.   Blackberry offers ScanLife Barcode Reader or QR Code Scanner Pro which is rated higher on the consumer feedback.   Go to the Droid Market and download QR Droid – this application is great because it uses your LED to illuminate the matrix and read it in any light.  If you have the Apple iPhone look for QR Reader and download from your device or the web. 

Let us know what you would use a QR code for and get the feedback from your clients.  Our clients already say way cool JustEngage!