A Thought During the Anniversary of 9/11

It’s really here – the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  It’s just horrible to hear that even after all this time hate continues to breed in the world.  According to ABC news, the CIA has identified in the past 24 hours a major threat indicating that at least three individuals who entered the U.S. in August; their intent to launch a vehicle-borne attack against Washington, D.C. or New York around the anniversary.

“The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have sent a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies around the country warning them of the potential plot. The bulletin notes that al Qaeda might seek revenge for the death of bin Laden and other key figures on a symbolic date like the anniversary of 9/11.”

I was in my late 30’s when the disaster occurred and I often think about the heroes of the event.  The firemen, the police, the victims, the volunteers, the survivors and the families directly influenced – they all are heroes.  9/11 changed a generation who was once trusting and not knowing the feeling from terrorism to becoming cautious and weary of what could be around the corner.

I can’t help but think as well what impact social media could’ve had back then.  Sure there were some forms of social media used but nowhere near the amount of communication that occurs on a daily basis 10 years later or the amount of technology.  Would the event been changed in some way?

It’s pretty much a common practice to use texting as part of our daily communication.  Statistics show that there are over 1 million tweets a day.  Could we have influenced someone then to change that horrible timeline of events?

It’s amazing the time we live in – we are now communicated to about a world-changing event via Twitter.  It reaches a broader audience much faster than just TV, email or even word of mouth.  And, how about crisis management?  We made it a point following 9/11 to try to create disaster recovery plans for major events but did we make any strides towards creating strategies on how we should communicate during a major crisis?

We have strength in numbers and social media is about people and communication – lots of people and lots of conversations.  Let’s all make it a point this weekend to share among our friends, family and neighbors anything out of the normal.  Let’s spread the love, keep everyone safe and text, Tweet and email anything we see out of the ordinary.

Love to everyone.  Peace to all.  Life’s about caring and more importantly sharing.

Part 2: LinkedIn Features Every Lawyer and Professional Should Use

In Part 1 of the LinkedIn Features series, I discussed four features every lawyer and professional should use regarding LinkedIn:  know how to connect; join and create Groups; add JDSupra application; and lasty, LinkedIn Today (News). In Part 2 of this post,  I’m going to give a more advanced look into LinkedIn for your professional use and business development – Using Events.

Let me start by saying congratulations for those of you who have created an account on LinkedIn!  Now, the question is have you decided what YOUR GOAL is for using LinkedIn? If not, create one.  It will determine the features, applications and frequency of your use. (more…)

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