Social Media Promotes “Ghost” Knowledge

“Ghost” knowledge or better known as tacit knowledge is the “invisible” knowledge of an organization or your firm.  You know, the knowledge that exists in your employees heads so when they have a question, they automatically contact the “go to” person, the one they deem the expert on that particular topic, the “ghost” knowledge person? Social media surfaces the ghost knowledge in your firm.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be a speaker for the International Legal Technology Associations Annual (#ILTA11) Conference held Aug 22 – 25 in Nashville, TN.  There were several sessions dedicated to social media where it seemed to be one of the hot topics of the week.  I presented with some wonderful colleagues on the issue of social media: Social Media for Learning and a Workshop: Attorneys and Social Media What You Need To Tell Them.

There were many questions and good information shared in these sessions, but the key take-away for me was that social media is not about the technology, it’s about the relationships that you build through the technology creating community.  Many seemed to have focused on the technology and while I am a huge fan of the social technologies, at the end of the day, it’s about connecting people. 

The ILTA Conference had many more “tweeters” this year.  The stats provided by the wonderful company worked with me to provide reports for the event (they were so great to work with!).  In this case, technology was a great way to see what was being ghostly shared .  [Forgive me, with the Fall season upon us, I can't help myself to be finding Fall related analogies!] Tell me, if you attended physically or virtually, what were your favorite tips shared? (more…)

#Yam, Yammer, Yammmmer-ing…

Social CollaborationYammer. Great word, great concept, great for internal communication and collaboration (and with clients too!). We recently started our own JustEngage Yammer community. You can request to join it be sending and email to We will be sharing social media tips and tricks and answer your questions and basically collaborate to bring social media for legal and professional services to another level.

So what the hell is Yammer you ask? According to the Yammer website, they state:

Yammer is revolutionizing internal corporate communications by bringing together all of a company’s employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. Although Yammer is as easy to use as consumer products like Facebook or Twitter, it is enterprise-class software built from the ground up to drive business objectives.


HOW TO: Add a Tad of ‘Social’ and Create a Stellar Event

Recently, our company had a Launch Party Event where we invited several of our business partners, friends and family to learn about social media for the legal and professional services communities and JustEngage.  This event was particularly special because it incorporated many mediums for networking and ‘socializing’.  I’m going to share with you some ideas of how you can incorporate ‘social’ elements into your next live seminar, presentation or speaking event.


When incorporating social media into your next event, first and foremost, know thy audience! Let me explain.  If your audience knows nothing about social media, then ‘how you share’ information at your event needs to be via traditional venues as well as some small areas where your audience can expand and explore ‘social’ elements such as a stationed laptop, kiosk or iPad where they can read about a topic via a blog post, or chat stream.


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