A Thought During the Anniversary of 9/11

It’s really here – the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  It’s just horrible to hear that even after all this time hate continues to breed in the world.  According to ABC news, the CIA has identified in the past 24 hours a major threat indicating that at least three individuals who entered the U.S. in August; their intent to launch a vehicle-borne attack against Washington, D.C. or New York around the anniversary.

“The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have sent a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies around the country warning them of the potential plot. The bulletin notes that al Qaeda might seek revenge for the death of bin Laden and other key figures on a symbolic date like the anniversary of 9/11.”

I was in my late 30’s when the disaster occurred and I often think about the heroes of the event.  The firemen, the police, the victims, the volunteers, the survivors and the families directly influenced – they all are heroes.  9/11 changed a generation who was once trusting and not knowing the feeling from terrorism to becoming cautious and weary of what could be around the corner.

I can’t help but think as well what impact social media could’ve had back then.  Sure there were some forms of social media used but nowhere near the amount of communication that occurs on a daily basis 10 years later or the amount of technology.  Would the event been changed in some way?

It’s pretty much a common practice to use texting as part of our daily communication.  Statistics show that there are over 1 million tweets a day.  Could we have influenced someone then to change that horrible timeline of events?

It’s amazing the time we live in – we are now communicated to about a world-changing event via Twitter.  It reaches a broader audience much faster than just TV, email or even word of mouth.  And, how about crisis management?  We made it a point following 9/11 to try to create disaster recovery plans for major events but did we make any strides towards creating strategies on how we should communicate during a major crisis?

We have strength in numbers and social media is about people and communication – lots of people and lots of conversations.  Let’s all make it a point this weekend to share among our friends, family and neighbors anything out of the normal.  Let’s spread the love, keep everyone safe and text, Tweet and email anything we see out of the ordinary.

Love to everyone.  Peace to all.  Life’s about caring and more importantly sharing.

10 Key Ingredients to Help Make a Successful Social Media Dessert

Falls approaching, kids are going back to school, Labor Day has come and gone and it’s time to get your partners and associates motivated to find a recipe for success that will bring value to the fourth quarter numbers.  Have you taken the time this summer to do your due diligence and find a social media recipe for success?

We all love a fresh blueberry or apple pie when the fruit is in season.  But as you know, there is a lot of planning, cultivating, directing, watching and listening to pulling off Auntie Ruthie’s famous family pie that’s enjoyed by everyone who ever gets the chance to get a forkful taste.  A successful social media plan is very similar from the basic components. (more…)

FUD Got You Down?

JustEngage FUDIn the sales world they call it “FUD”—Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.  Let’s check Wikipedia.  FUD “is generally a strategic attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative and dubious/false information designed to undermine the credibility of their beliefs.”

I used to work with someone that believed the more confused you got your client with an unknown, the more likely they would trust your knowledge and ultimately buy your service.  Why?  Because most times when we fear something we don’t know, we end up placing trust in someone else who we believe is more knowledgeable.  We look for thought leaders.  We find experts.  So when you encounter a salesperson using FUD on you, get rid of that person and look to another with the same service that treats you to education.  Sharing is what it’s about today.  So go ahead and zap that word FUD into Wiki archives!

There is no secret in the pudding.  Share your knowledge and educate your peers.  Make yourself the expert in everyone’s eyes.  Use social media to make your message known.  No matter what you do for a living, find the time to share.  Create a blog post that you think is relevant to your client.  Tweet an article that you think others would love to read.  Reach out to everyone you know and have them reach out to everyone they know.  Make it a habit to do so each and every time you know something another person will benefit from your new find.  This is how YOU become the expert.

But most importantly, if you don’t understand how to use the social media channels to communicate, do something about it.  Educate yourself and don’t listen to the FUD!  Try Twitter and discover how to weed out the noise.  Try LinkedIn by not only completing your profile, but joining groups, joining your college alumni association and what you’ll find is the people you didn’t even know that are like you listening to you.  Create a video and post it on YouTube telling your prospects something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

When you don’t know how to do something, Google it and learn!  There is no reason for confusion anymore.  FUD sounds exactly where it belongs – in the trash!

Frequency on a Technology Level.

Google announced last December that they are going to be using a new technology that just might give a QR (Quick Response) Code a run for it’s money – well so they say.  Instead of scanning that cool square block with your smart phone, a person will be able to simply read a sign by frequency.  A sound inaudible to the human ear but detectable by a well-equipped smart phone with a near-field communication (NFC) chip that will be pre-installed by your phone manufacturer.

Uses for this technology is things like ATM machines, department and grocery store purchases, marketing promotions, tradeshows, etc.  The thing that really scares me is what happens when my phone is lost or stolen.  Not only is your identity stolen but now your credit could be effected as well.

Again – it seems that Europe is winning the race on this new technology.  Doing a little research you find out that the Czech Republic has plans for an NFC rollout in 2011 – http://www.nfctimes.com/news/czech-republic-plans-contactless-and-nfc-rollouts.  Surprising though, Apple is still standing back and is hesitant to include an NFC in their iPhone 5 product for it’s next launch.

But don’t fling this technology aside yet.  For those Nokia fans (see http://gigaom.com/2011/04/19/angry-birds-helps-nfc-take-flight/ ), Rovio is partnering with Nokia to offer a new Angry Birds Magic game with their Symbian C-7 NFC enabled smartphone.  Let’s see – they used birds, monkeys and pigs – maybe bunnies are next on the target attack – that cute animal is always used with magicians and we know how quick they can disappear.

But according to NFC Times (the promoters of NFC chips), 20% of the smartphones by 2014 will have this technology.  Let’s not put the cart before the horse – sounds like a long way off for this revolutionary technology to beat the QR revolution already taking place.  And as if I need to point it out – if you were Google and promoting new technology, wouldn’t you get a huge result when searching NFC on a Google Search?  Try it and see what you return.

Does Your Business Development Strategy Include Social Media? It Should.

“We have partners and senior management that, well, quite frankly aren’t necessarily going to see the benefit of social media.” That’s the response many administrators, senior partners and business professionals are facing right at this moment. They say, “Well, we are ‘kind of’ dabbling in it, we have one area that has a blog and oh, we have one or two people that are ‘doing’ social media.” The short response: “That’s not good enough!”


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