I Don’t Have Time for Social Media!

No Time for Social MediaIt’s a common comment  I hear from attorneys, “I don’t have time for social media.  I need to be billing!”  or “My associates can hardly keep up with the work they have let alone waste time with blogging or this ‘tweet’ thing!”  While keeping clients happy is the number one priority for attorneys, finding new ones and showcasing your expertise and thought leadership should be right next to that.

Here is some food for thought:

  1. There are multiple generations now in the workforce.  The newest generation “the millennials” have grown up with Facebook and social networks, so their ability to multitask is second nature.  Social media is not considered “work”  or “taking up time” for them, it’s an innate way of communicating and connecting with their peers and colleagues.  Good or bad, it’s a reality that firms need to address to bridge the communication gap.
  2. When you have a clear defined goal for a presence on a social media network, your time spent on the social network becomes targeted so in the end, you only have to spend a few mins a day on it. Many times 15 – 30 minutes is all it takes.
  3. Incorporating social media into your daily workflow can be easy.  When you go for a cup of coffee or lunch break, read tweets or add a blog post topic to come back to and write about later if you don’t have time at the moment.  Read your RSS feeds and post a link to an article of interest on LinkedIn.  Bored in a meeting? Use your smart phone app to read tweets and RT the information.  Answer a discussion question on a LinkedIn group.  At home giving the kids a bath or waiting for them to finish soccer practice? Compose your blog post, tweet it and post it to LinkedIn.  There, done. It took about all of 15-30 minutes of your day.

Some days you’ll do more, some days you’ll do less. Regardless, you are making a conscious effort to showcase expertise, share, build trust, relationships and hopefully gain new business. Mobile Social Media

So, when thinking that there is no time for social media, think again!  If you, your firm, or your associates do not have a social presence, you may find that in months and years to come, that they have all the time in the world because they aren’t being found for new business or building trusting relationships. Social media should be part of your firms and associates succession and business development plan.  It’s like years ago when companies didn’t have websites, they weren’t a real company. Get the connection?

What are your biggest fears and concerns with social media? What questions can I answer for you to help build support or gain acceptance for social media in your practice and firm?

Does Your Business Development Strategy Include Social Media? It Should.

“We have partners and senior management that, well, quite frankly aren’t necessarily going to see the benefit of social media.” That’s the response many administrators, senior partners and business professionals are facing right at this moment. They say, “Well, we are ‘kind of’ dabbling in it, we have one area that has a blog and oh, we have one or two people that are ‘doing’ social media.” The short response: “That’s not good enough!”


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